Poppy projects for all Auxiliary members

Posted On: Tuesday, 05 April 2022

Connecting the visual image of the poppy with the sacrifice of service made by our veterans has been an important goal of the American Legion Auxiliary. During the month of May, members of The American Legion Family distribute poppies to help raise funds for veterans, active-duty servicemembers, and their families. On the Friday before Memorial Day — National Poppy Day® — wear a red poppy to honor the fallen and support the living who have worn our nation's uniform.
Start getting ready now for all of the unit events, activities, and fundraisers happening in May. Below, we provide a few projects that can be completed by younger members, older members, and everyone in between. 
Poppy button craft 
Looking for a simple craft project for members of your unit? This poppy button is a creative way to offer a team-building activity for members while also refreshing them on the significance of the red flower. The buttons can be worn on your shirt, glued to a hat or headband, or worn as a brooch. Consider distributing the poppy buttons for donations on National Poppy Day. 
What you need: 

  • Red felt, approximately 3”x 3” per poppy
  • 1” black felt circles, precut with sticky backs
  • Small yellow buttons, 15mm
  • Small round magnets with adhesive  
What to do: 
  1. Trace poppy design onto red felt, using a poppy template or freehand.
  2. Cut out poppy.
  3. Remove backing from black felt circle; place circle in middle of poppy. 
  4. Glue yellow flower button onto black circle. 
  5. Remove back from magnet; place on back of poppy.
Poppy painting project 
This fingerpaint poppy painting project is fun, easy, and suitable for members of all ages. Get a group together to socialize and paint, or paint by yourself in the comfort of your home. This would also be a great way to educate Junior members on the significance of the poppy. 
What you need: 
  • Red, black, green, and yellow paint
  • White paper canvas
  • Two paintbrushes (one small, one medium) 
What to do: 
  1. Dip thumb or finger in red paint and make a circle with thumbprints (four to five) in shape of a poppy. Let it dry! 
  2. Dip thumb or finger in black paint and dab in the middle of each flower. Let it dry! 
  3. With a small paintbrush, paint a yellow dot in the middle of each flower. 
  4. Clean the small paintbrush. Paint skinny stems on each flower. 
  5. With a medium paintbrush, paint “X’s” at the bottom to make it look like grass. 
Poppy pride choker/bracelet 
Junior Auxiliary members who have attended national Junior meetings have been making poppy choker/bracelets — and now you can too. This project is a unique and creative way for ALA members to show their poppy pride.
What you need: 
  • Red felt, approximately 2”x 2” per poppy
  • 1/2” black felt circles, pre-cut with sticky backs 
  • Small adhesive rhinestone gems, 5mm 
  • 3/4 – 7/8” black ribbon (velvet works well) 
  • Small adhesive-backed hook and loop fastener dots
  • Glue gun and glue sticks  
What to do: 
  1. Trace poppy design onto red felt, using poppy template or freehand.
  2. Cut out poppy. 
  3. Remove backing from black felt circle; place circle in middle of poppy.
  4. Remove rhinestone gem and place in center of black circle. 
  5. Cut ribbon to 1” longer than needed for choker or bracelet. 
  6. Remove a set of hook and loop fastener dots. Place one on each end of ribbon so they align. 
  7. Use glue gun to adhere poppy to ribbon. 
Poppy drive-thru 
Host a convenient drive-thru to distribute poppies and honor veterans on National Poppy Day. This is a great project to involve everyone! Have the event at your post home and put cones in a drive-thru formation. You can promote the Auxiliary and Legion Family with signs at the entrance of the post or along the drive-thru path. Before the event, organize a group poppy-making event for the whole Family to join. Ask Junior members to write appreciative notes to veterans, or just facts about the poppy to better inform the public. Put the poppies and notes in a plastic baggie to distribute throughout the drive-thru event. Get creative and have fun with it! 
What you need: 
  • Poppies 
  • Personal notes or poppy notes
  • Plastic Ziploc-style baggies
  • ALA branded items (posters, clothing, signs)

ALA Mission

In the spirit of Service, Not Self, the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary is to support The American Legion and to honor the sacrifice of those who serve by enhancing the lives of our veterans, military, and their families, both at home and abroad. For God and Country, we advocate for veterans, educate our citizens, mentor youth, and promote patriotism, good citizenship, peace and security.