mission training 101


Mission Training 101

Five ALA Mission Trainings and national Junior meetings are planned for 2022-2023. They will be held at the same time and locations throughout the winter and spring. 

Would you like to learn more about working the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary? Would you like to network with national leaders and other members in your district who share your passion and enthusiasm for helping our veterans? During this 1-day conference, you’ll be inspired while learning more about working the ALA’s core programs in an interactive and fun environment. Many of the American Legion Auxiliary Mission Outreach programs will be covered during this conference.

Is Mission Training Right for you?

  • Yes - if you are interested in meeting members and national leaders outside of your local area who share your passion for helping veterans!
  • Yes - if you want to share great ideas with other members across the country or renew your enthusiasm for our mission!
  • Yes - if you find yourself growing more involved and you don’t know where to turn for the information you need, or you have been doing the same activities for years and you want a fresh approach!
national junior meeting
Have ALA Juniors?

National Junior Meeting

A national Junior meeting is also being held at the same time and location. If you have Juniors, please register them so they can learn more about the American Legion Auxiliary!

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