Student with a passion for service receives ALA National Presidents’ Scholarship

Posted On: Sunday, 07 February 2021

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Anna Roberge (wearing graduate cap) with her family (from left): brother, Nathaniel; father, Benjamin; mother, Jennie; and sisters Abie and Elizabeth.

Anna Roberge, 18, a student at University of New Hampshire studying psychology, received the American Legion Auxiliary’s Children of Warriors National Presidents’ Scholarship. Roberge has a passion for service and plans to spend her career helping others. With a grandfather who served in the U.S. Marine Corps in World War II, and a grandmother who’s an active member in the American Legion Auxiliary, it’s not hard to see where Roberge learned her Service Not Self spirit. 

In high school, Roberge was as selflessness as she is now. She participated in acts of service ranging from teaching at her church youth group, assistant coaching junior sports teams, serving at veterans’ dinners, and even dressing up as an elf for children around Christmas time. But these examples are merely a small portion of the different ways Roberge has helped those in need. 

Roberge has a special passion for helping children. She dedicated her entire senior capstone project to reducing the stigma around mental illness in children. As a part of this, she created a support group for children at her local church and saw heartwarming results. 

“After the support group, I saw what a difference it made. Even to this day when they see me, [the kids] run up to me and give me a big hug,” Roberge said. “It’s just such a nice feeling knowing that you can change people’s lives and views about themselves.”

Receiving the ALA Children of Warriors National Presidents’ Scholarship meant a great deal to Roberge and her family. It served as a source of validation, as well as relieving the financial pressure that comes with college. 

“It meant a lot financially, but also emotionally,” Roberge said. “It kind of validated all the of hard work and volunteering I had done. It was a very happy moment.”

The scholarship has helped with the expenses of college to the point that Roberge is now eying a Ph.D. in psychology so she can better equip herself to go into the world and help those in need. 

Roberge has ideas on where she intends to spend her career but no concrete plan just yet. Rest assured, each possibility helps someone in desperate need. 

“I have a couple of paths I am looking to go in the future,” she said. One of them is working in a children’s hospital helping them through those psychological issues, or just a clinical psychologist for children in need, or working in the prison system to help the people within the prison.” 

No matter what path Roberge chooses, she will be helping many people in need, just as the American Legion Auxiliary’s members have done for more than a century. 

If you wish to help students like Anna Roberge, please donate at You are not only positively impacting the lives of these students, but the lives of the countless people they will help throughout their careers. 

The American Legion Auxiliary offers thousands of dollars in scholarships at the national level: the Children of Warriors National Presidents’ Scholarship; Spirit of Youth Scholarship for Junior members of the ALA; Non-Traditional Student Scholarship; Junior Member Loyalty Scholarship; and others! Learn more about eligibility and other scholarship opportunities at Applications are due to the unit level on March 1. Additional scholarships are offered in each ALA department and through many community ALA units and Legion posts. Please contact your local American Legion Auxiliary unit for more information. 

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